Friday, March 14, 2008


I was reading through the Order of the Stick FAQ when it mentions that one of the moderators is RawBearNYC. My first thought was, "that would imply something very different on Craigslist." My second thought was "why the hell AM I reading the OOTS FAQ?" I hate not being able to sleep...

Saturday, March 8, 2008


If you talk one person out of committing suicide, does that mean you get a free pass on killing another (say, more annoying) person? What if you just suggest visiting the Golden Gate Bridge? I'd like it if that's how my job worked. OK, not really, I've just worked enough overtime to make my head explode and I'm ready for my damn weekend. And a mai tai. I want a weekend and a mai tai.

I was rereading "Don't Think of an Elephant" today. Silly metaphor guy. Doesn't he know that language just expresses an absolute preexisting truth? It's fun to read him and the go to where everything he says is just confirmed over and over and over again. It's even more fun reading it with a mai tai.

Monday, March 3, 2008

testing testing...

Wow, seems like I left the blog in a pretty dark place.

It also seems like blogger has become more compatible with Mac since I last tasted its wiles.

So, time to brush off the cobwebs and revisit the old blogosphere. God that's such a lame name for what this is. It sounds like a video game enemy. Made of petroleum jelly.

Anyway, I now am definitively competent that I can handle whatever my job throws at me, which is good, because this Saturday it through a hell of a lot. I had to tell one person that they needed to pack their bags and leave, which led to crying and begging and remorse. Oh sure, we referred the person to a shelter that way they wouldn't be totally out on the streets, but it isn't a good position to leave a person at all. Then I almost had to call the cops on a client who was drunk and screaming in front of our facility.

Come to think of it, my job is just about the most interesting thing in my life right now, so I guess I should be grateful for the occasional oddball screaming at me so that I have stuff to tell at parties. Not that I go to parties much. Like I said, not that interesting right now.

Which is part of why it is hard to blog... don't feel like I have a whole lot to say unless it relates to work, and I don't always want to think about that when I'm off. Alright, time to find new interests. Meanwhile, this blog has officially switched from a period of suck to a period of not-suck. Tell your friends.