Monday, April 14, 2008


Unfortunately for me, when I start to write a really good post but then get waylaid, it feels... wrong somehow to write another post in the meantime.

Which is why I got caught up writing this really clever jingle about this guy that I strongly dislike, and ended up getting sidetracked. I almost passed up the chance to blog about the Large Hadron Collider, the world's coolest (and possibly last) supercollider. Last, because it carries a small chance, once turned on, of creating a small black hole that would destroy the world. Alternatively, and this is my favorite part, it carries an even smaller chance of creating something called a strangelet, which might then turn the particles around it into strangelets, which would then turn the particles around them into strangelets, until our entire planet was converted (ice-nine-like). Good stuff.

I am going to try to carry off a commitment of blogging once a week. Here goes.


Steven said...

Wikipedia thinks this theory is in need of attention from an expert on the subject.

rjamm said...

Hey that happened to me too! I'm halfway through a big blog entry... I really ought to get on that and finish it. :/

Oh and here's hoping we don't all die thanks to our friend hadron.

Though I think if all humans died I wouldn't feel as bad as if it were just me. If it were just me, I'd feel bad about the people I'd leave behind and the life I could have had. If it was everyone, then there wouldn't be anyone to leave behind and not much of a life I could have had either.

It would still blow though.

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there is no silence said...

mm, ice-nine. yum!

rjamm said...

Once a week my ass! You couldn't even make it to week 2!