Friday, July 17, 2009

because i hate you and want you to suffer with me

Let's see:

Belief that systemic racism only targets white men: check! (1:07, 8:18, 9:53)

(Related) Automatic dismissal of examples of potential prejudice against people of color: check! (7:55)

(And finally the unsurprising and rather logical conclusion of 1 and 2) Belief that the rights of white men need active protection and by implication that the rights of people of color do not because they are not discriminated against: check! (9:28)

Belief that white men are (roughly) the only positive contributors to American history: check! (2:06)

Assumption that a person of color must automatically be unqualified for a position despite an extraordinary list of accomplishments: check! (0:39, 3:28)

(Related) Belief that a person of color must only be under consideration due to affirmative action: check! (0:52, 4:00)

(Also related) Assumption that he himself must have performed better in school despite not having that information: check! (5:53)

Ignoring the fact that there are racial groupings in this country that do not fall into "black" or "white," despite having a conversation about a Latina(!): check! (2:25)

Belief that we should only choose the "finest minds" to serve higher office and that by implication this explains why white men have been predominant throughout American history: check! (3:02, 6:45)

Assumption that our country's long history of racism has little or no impact on our current state of affairs: check! (5:10)


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rjamm said...

And to think, if this were on Fox News, no one would be arguing with him. Or at least, no one competent would be. Even on MSNBC most of your (very valid) points were not brought up.