Saturday, July 4, 2009

the white flight of facebook

I am still digesting this, but it was so interesting that I couldn't not post it immediately.

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rjamm said...

Interesting, but not terribly surprising. I have only ever used facebook to keep in touch with friends I already have. Friends I already had used facebook, so I started to also. When a friend of mine told me to look at some pictures on myspace, I got a myspace account. But since so few of my friends actually have myspace (and that friend who originally got me to switch over has herself started using facebook), there's really no reason for me to check it. Ever.

Since it's all about people I already know, it makes sense that it should be as racially divided as the rest of the country.

On a slightly different note, this speaker forgot to mention that facebook used to be exclusive to college students (and even then, only some colleges). There was a time when you needed a .edu email address to log on. With an exclusive origin like that, it's no surprise that facebook swept up all the college educated users and their friends.