Saturday, October 6, 2007

actual quote from a coworker

Coworker: Did you hear her swear in the meeting? It was refreshing to hear someone speaking their minds openly.

Boss: Have you ever heard me do that?

Coworker: No.

Boss: That's right (proudly), and you never will.

Coworker: ... I know, it was so unprofessional of her!

me: (vomit)


Steven said...

Your coworker will go far in life.

Casey said...

PS- you apparently work with Hang, one of Hannah's housemates. She says she interviewed the same day as you (talked about you living in Oakland) and she has a mohawk. She be rad. Love her. Love her dearly.

zurvan said...

I remember her!

I don't actually work in the same house, though, so I haven't seen her since then...