Sunday, September 14, 2008

surprisingly creepy

Imagine being alone in your room, in the dark, at midnight. You haven't quite drifted to sleep. Suddenly you hear a ringtone, "The Saints Come Marching In," coming from inside your room. You know that this is not your ringtone. You also can't see anything.

Only later do you realize your jerk friend altered your ringtone to that one without telling you. And you nurse just a little more hatred in your heart.


rjamm said...

Which jerk friend was this?

zurvan said...


oh, you can bet she loved this story.

there is no silence said...

If by creepy you mean hilarious! I'm giggling just thinking about it... and by hatred you must mean adoration. I know how easily those words get confused.

there is no silence said...

...yep, still giggling.