Friday, September 12, 2008

thoughts from the slug offensive

When I come home yesterday I notice the back door open, which is a common occurrence in our house. I take the trash out, make some food, go about my business.

Then I'm at the kitchen sink doing sinky things, when I look down. At my feet is a small, turd-like phenomenon. My first suspect is the neighbor's cat or dog. Upon closer inspection, this is not a turd, but a slug. As I am escorting the slug off the premises, I notice more slugs in our back storage area. Then I notice that my sock is sticky from what I strongly suspect is slug-juice before I realized the problem.

Now I've made sure to keep the door closed, I've been looking up slug-repelling devices online, and I have added a layer of salt to our threshold for good measure. Flies, non-poisonous spiders and moths I can deal with, but slugs? And why is our otherwise awesome apartment starting to feel like hell's zoo?

I'm not going to whisper sweet nothings about regular blogging, but it is more on my radar now.

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Jonathan said...

i just want you to know i switched the thing in our fridge from "save power" to "reduce exterior moisture." And you know what's awesome? Banana slugs! I wish we had those instead.... they'd be really easy to see/avoid.