Monday, March 19, 2007

Adventures in Fremont

I went with my boyfriend to Fremont today.

During the car trip there (carnatic music playing)
BF: Oh listen, to what Vani Jayram does with this next scale!
Me: …
BF: Alright, who is this next singer?
Me: …
BF: You are bored by this, aren’t you?
Me: No, I just can’t appreciate it like you can.
BF: … I think we should break up.
Me: Suck it, Trebek.

Walking out of Fry's
BF: Hey, do you know that metal from X-Men? The one Wolverine has?
Me: Um… (pretending to take longer to think about this than I really need) … adamantium.
Me: Why?
BF: I was talking about this with people the other day. We were wondering who would be geeky enough to actually know that.
Me: …You set me up! What a bitch!

After eating at Indian restaurant:
Me: I want something sweet.
BF: Try this.
Me: Sure. What is it?
BF: It’s leaves wrapped in spices. You chew it and suck out the juices. You may not like it.
Me: (chewing) … It tastes like licorice and toothpaste.
BF: (laughing)
Innocent Shrub: What just spit on me? Grrr! Arg!

Today was a good day.

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The Dovenator said...

I love you Dylan.

This cracks me up.