Monday, March 19, 2007

In which I wonder whether I was hallucinating

Why a stupid movie like Ghost Rider should stick with me for more than a week after seeing it is beyond me. Maybe I boggle at why Nicolas Cage would do such a dumb flick, or maybe something more visceral comes up. I keep wondering if I made this one outrageously anti-Catholic scene up, or if I am just reading into it too much.

Part of it is that this was, as I saw it, a hyper-conservative flick. Start with a strong, morally conflicted but none-the-less badass male lead, and throw in droves of fans who drool over his manliness. The type of guy who risks his life doing stunts on a freeway to prove his cojones (and show up the female's lackey).

Based on Cage's accent, among other things, I am guessing that this movie was targeted for a Southwestern audience. Which wouldn't matter, except for one tiny part: mysterious-old-wise-man in the movie claims that the demon enemies can't attack on holy ground. About ten mintes later, enter the Big Bad, killing (offscreen) some Catholic priest in a Catholic church. Was this an anti-Catholic dig for a doggedly Protestant audience? I can't seem to find anything to back me up, but I wonder...

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