Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thoughts from an imaginary man

I am usually behind on this stuff because it often doesn't bother me until several days later. (I don't know how to do fancy linking things yet. At least not on a Mac.)

The gist:
Real men are defined by their strength and directness, striking fear into the heart of their opponents (the girly men). Because of feminism, society has become effeminate; occasionally a real man like General Pace rises up to put things right. He said that he would not approve of homosexuality in the military on the basis of its immorality. In doing so he disrupted the girly men and manly women, who in their moral confusion believe only in acting out their impulses.

Let's ignore the fact that only males appear to be capable of acting in either a strong or moral way. Let's also ignore the fact that he reduces all possible moral choices and behaviors onto a single spectrum, ranging from "real" to "girly."

Instead, let's do a syllogism.
-Real men apparently transcend noticing let alone being bothered by the girly men.
-Kevin McCullough, the author, is bothered by the girly men.
-Kevin McCullough is therefore not a ...

General Pace, for that matter, is also bothered by the girly men. In fact, by claiming that real men both vocally defend his particular moral code and are above noticing the lesser people, by definition pretty much no one can be. That makes "real men" a product of his imagination. And that makes me smile.


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