Tuesday, June 5, 2007

bloody hell!

Hmmm... After my long absence, what to blog, what to blog...

Oh, I know!

Check out the faq for women; its a real gem.

Now I have nothing wrong with a little bondage in a relationship; role-playing and fantasy are totally cool with me. This isn't that.

I mean, who would have expected that being spanked to tears over your husband's lap would bring so much fulfillment? Who would have expected that standing in the corner of the room, with your bare bottom burning and your hands on your head would lead to such a loving reconciliation, and that this reconciliation could lead to so much harmony and intimacy in your relationship? But it does, against all 'logic'. How can a woman not like feeling more love, more intimacy, more security, more protection and more fulfilment?

Logic be damned, eh? And it rather leads to the question, why wouldn't that bring more fulfillment in men as well? Ah, right, because it isn't in their
nature. This is pretty much why I hate all arguments from nature, along the lines of "It's only natural that the strong take advantage of the weak" or "God intended for men to rule over women." It's just so damn easy to give up responsibility for your actions and play out what you think some higher force wants or demands. Especially when that higher force demands that them uppity womenfolk stop talking back and start making you dinner.

And how does one argue with that? The premises between that and what I would call ethics are so different that there isn't any room for real argument, let alone agreement.

Then again...
It is said that one of the signs of wisdom is an ability to hold two contradictory thoughts in your head at the same time. Loving Domestic Discipline is one such contradiction.

It is a contradiction! We do agree!


rjamm said...


Brain melting!

zurvan said...

Ya know, I really thought that it might with this one. I almost threw in a warning.